Biochemistry, 7th Edition

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Discover how the latest developments in and genomics directly affect your life with this best-selling biochemistry text. This new edition reflects recent developments in stem cell research, cloning, and immunology, and offers revised coverage of major topics, such as Molecular Biology. Known for its logical and appropriate depth of coverage, BIOCHEMISTRY, 7th Edition, balances detail with readability that's ideal for those studying biochemistry for the first time. A unique magazine insert, "Hot Topics in Biochemistry," introduces the latest advances in the field. State-of-the art visuals throughout the book help clarify concepts, while "Biochemical Connections" demonstrate how biochemistry affects other fields, such as health and sports medicine New in-text questions help you master key concepts of biochemistry, while end-of-chapter problem sets grouped by problem types help you master problem-solving skills.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Biochemistry and the Organization of Cells
Chapter 2: Water: The Solvent for Biochemical Reactions
Chapter 3: Amino Acids and Peptides
Chapter 4: The Three-Dimensional Structure of Proteins
Chapter 5: Protein Purification and Characterization Techniques
Chapter 6: The of Proteins: Enzymes
Chapter 7: The Behavior of Proteins: Enzymes, Mechanisms, and Control
Chapter 8: Lipids and Proteins Are Associated in Biological Membranes
Chapter 9: Nucleic Acids: How Structure Conveys
Chapter 10: Biosynthesis of Nucleic Acids: Replication
Chapter 11: Transcription of the Genetic Code: The Biosynthesis of RNA
Chapter 12: Protein Synthesis: Translation of the Genetic Message
Chapter 13: Nucleic Acid Biotechnology Techniques
Chapter 14: Viruses, Cancer, and Immunology
Chapter 15: The Importance of Energy Changes and Electron Transfer in Metabolism
Chapter 16: Carbohydrates
Chapter 17: Glycolysis
Chapter 18: Storage Mechanisms and Control in Carbohydrate Metabolism
Chapter 19: The Citric Acid Cycle
Chapter 20: Electron Transport and Oxidative Phosphorylation
Chapter 21: Lipid Metabolism
Chapter 22: Photosynthesis
Chapter 23: The Metabolism of Nitrogen
Chapter 24: of Metabolism: Cellular Signaling

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